A recent Maclean’s report confirms what many Salmon Arm locals already know: that they live in the best community in BC!

Salmon Arm, B.C.
Population: 19,153
Regional Unemployment Rate: 5.3%
Median Household Income: $76,048
Average Household Net Worth: $711,346
Property Tax as % of Income: 1.7%
Total Days Above 20°C: 105
Crime Severity Index 5-year average*: 53
Family Doctors Per 100,000:* 128

On the morning of Thursday, Aug. 8, as the city’s residents were making their way to work, taking their children to meet up with friends at a playground, or maybe getting an early start on a hike on one of the local trails, Maclean’s released its Best communities in Canada feature, ranking and comparing communities across individual provinces and the country. In the rankings, Salmon Arm has the honour of being the best community in B.C., the sixth-best community in Canada and the only B.C. community in the top 10 of the 415 communities ranked nationwide.

According to Maclean’s independently conducted analysis, one of the measures in which Salmon Arm particularly shines is affordability; the city ranks number one in the country. This measure takes into account the average home is less than $500,000 ($428,517), as well as data used to arrive at the city’s other rankings in categories of wealth and economy, population growth, taxes, commute, crime, weather, access to health care, amenities and culture. The city also ranks high for taxes (property tax as a percentage of average income: 1.7 percent), wealth and economy and demographics.
Regarding demographics, Salmon Arm ranks 51 in Canada (23 in B.C.) for the best community for retirement, while for families, the city ranks 59 in Canada and number two in B.C.

“It’s been a turn in real estate where over 50 percent of real estate transactions in our area have not been to retirement people, they’ve been to people of a younger generation…,” said Harrison. “Although it’s really still very attractive to retirees, and they’re a very important piece of what happens here, the turn to families and the younger generations are exactly where we’re trying to direct our energies. It’s reinforcing the fact that what families are looking for is… a quality of life, they are looking for an outdoor experience, they are looking for amenities that fit the values that they have, that their children have.”

Salmon Arm Economic Development Society (SAEDS) economic development manager Lana Fitt is thrilled with, but not surprised by, the city’s rankings. Not just because Maclean’s gave the city advance notice of the results, but also because the rankings confirm what the city found during the recent community planning process from which the city’s new brand, Small City, Big Ideas, was born.

Article courtesy of Salmon Arm Observer – LACHLAN LABERE, Aug. 8, 2019