Autumn has arrived in the Shuswap!  And with the return of the season it also brings:


Seasonal Produce

So many delicious things are in season during the fall—apples and pumpkins, pears and squash. You could spend months just cooking with apples, and you wouldn’t run out of varieties of recipes.  @DowntownSalmonArm #salmonarmapplefest


Fun Outdoor Activities

With autumn brings brisk walks, beautiful hikes, getting lost in corn mazes, fall fairs, and apple picking! There’s no better way to take advantage of fall’s amazing weather than to spend as much time as possible outside. Plus, many fall activities are a great opportunity to get out and explore farms and rural areas you may not know very well. @ShuswapTrails  @ShuswapOutdoorsClub


The Fall Okanagan Wine Festival

Over 165 events take place every October in BC’s Okanagan Valley, where you can enjoy the festivities during the heart of the wine harvest. Wine and dine yourself amongst the vines at some of the excellent vineyard restaurants, amongst thousands of visitors enjoying the region’s largest festival. It’s the only festival in North America that takes place during the grape harvest. Besides the events, educational workshops and gourmet dining, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Lake Okanagan, and spa, golf, bike or hike the last warm days away. @OKWineFests #FallOkWineFest


Pumpkin Everything

‘Tis the season when you can get almost anything pumpkin flavoured and scented. You can turn that morning flat white into a pumpkin spiced latte and pair it with a pumpkin flavoured donut or scone. You’ll find pumpkin scented candles and body creams in health and beauty stores. Then, of course, you can’t celebrate autumn without visiting @shuswappiecompany for pumpkin pie.  And of course, there is the Pumpkin Canon! Pumpkin walks and Pumpkin carving! #pumpkincanon



If you ever wanted to be a unicorn, zombie or two-toed sloth, Halloween is the day you can embrace your alter ego.  There is nothing like a moonless night to get your blood pumping and heart racing if you have the courage to wonder the Spook Trail.  There are haunts around every corner stocking you in the forest where phantoms and ghouls are waiting.  Beware – you never know what unearthly magic beckons your fate and where the howling may lead you!


When you’re ready for a break from all the horrifying thrills, enjoy hot dogs, hot chocolate, popcorn and mini donuts by the fire.  Rest your brooms and visit the “RIP Coloring Room” and have your face painted, make a fun “Haney” craft or colour a picture to take home.  You never know what you might unearth at Spooktacular. @Haneyheritage #spooktacular


Fall Foliage

Is there anything better than crunching and shuffling your way through dry, fallen leaves? Or watching the colours of the forest quickly transform from various shades of green to red, orange, yellow and brown are magical? Or finding that pile of leaves to jump in? As Anne of Green Gables famously said, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”


No Bugs

While you may be digging’ the cooler weather, the summer-loving bugs are not. As the weather becomes cooler, you don’t have to worry about bug spray and covering up to avoid bug bites.


Cozy Everything

If you ever needed a reason to wear sweatshirt and sweatpants every day for weeks, autumn can help you out. Autumn and cozy clothing go hand-in-hand. In fact, sweater weather is actually “a thing” that Canadians get extra excited for. You pull out your sweaters, your boots, and your blankets—and rediscover what a delicious feeling it is to be cozied up on a crisp, cool day.


Comfort Food

Break out your soups, your dumplings, your stews, and your roasts—fall is a time to start enjoying rib-sticking food once again. Indulge in dense, wonderful puddings and pies to help chase the impending chill away.


Awesome Smells

Filling your lungs with fresh autumn air during a walk through the woods is cleansing and rejuvenating. Maybe it’s something about the lower temperatures, but everything seems to smell better in autumn. That evocative smell of fallen leaves, the aroma of burning wood, the warm coziness of spices like nutmeg and cinnamon —fall just smells good!