Finding your home!

Buying a new home is one of the most critical decisions you will ever make. It is also the largest financial commitment most people ever face. In today’s market, this process can be lengthy and often confusing. This is where I come in! I make the process of purchasing a home easier and more enjoyable by helping you secure the best possible price, with the most favorable terms, in the shortest period of time.

My commitment

I believe trust and knowledge are crucial to the success of buying a home. The real estate process requires the negotiation of complex issues. As you experience my commitment to working in your best interest, you will feel confident that together we will find a home that is perfect for you. When searching for your dream home, it is important to be well informed of the Real Estate Market. My thorough knowledge of Salmon Arm and the surrounding area market, will afford you the confidence of knowing you will be acquiring the perfect property at the best possible price.

Moving Resources

By your side!

“While at your side each step of the way, I will walk you through the complete buying process from viewing potential properties, to making an offer, to setting up mortgage financing, through inspections and closing, and finally handing you the keys to your new home. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with you!” – SANDRA KENTEL