7 Tips for Pet Owners Selling a Home

April 1, 2016

For Christmas my family presented me with the sweetest little Labradoodle, she has been an awesome addition to our home, and I just love her!  We all love our pets, but as a Realtor, I thought it would be important to remind you that when you are putting your home on the market it would be of great value to pay special attention to a few details.  So…Here are some tips!

1. Holey backyard
Does your dog dig or bury bones?  Start at the perimeter of your yard and circle inward to find your pup’s landscaping efforts and fill them in.

2. Scoop and clean-up
One misstep can ruin a buyer’s impression of your yard (and possibly home).  Make sure your property is clear of any pet-related landmines.

3. Mend fences
Check your fencing, deck and porch for any marks from scratching or chewing.  Most can be erased with elbow grease and a bit of sandpaper.

4. Stash the evidence
Collect your pet’s toys, bowls, beds and litter boxes and keep them out of sight or confined in one area.

5. De-scents-itize
Many of us become accustomed to our animal scents.  Lingering animal smells and fur can be a turn-off for would-be buyers.  Now that spring has arrived, open your windows periodically and let the fresh air filter in throughout your home.  You may also consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning crew to deodorize your home.

6. Need a buffer?
Have claws scratched up your lovely hardwood floors? Ask your Realtor if professional resurfacing might be a good idea.

7. Don’t leave pets home during showings

 No pun intended, but you could say this is one of my “pet” peeves.  Be sure to remove all signs of your furry friends before showings as there is nothing more unsettling for both realtors and clients then discovering a huge dog just waiting to introduce itself behind your door.  Not only is there a chance they (your dog) may bolt through an open door when strangers stroll around, there is also a liability issue.  It may also be a good idea to temporarily relocate exotic critters, such as snakes or tarantulas.

So keep in mind your goal is to sell your home, and at the end of the day the result of all of this will pay off …just ask your Realtor!

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